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2015 — March

Religion of Millions of Gods The legend says that Ganesha was born while his father Shiva was away on a hunting trip. As in many stories from the heroic or mythical ages, Ganesha was born full-grown, and he was protecting his mother when his father returned. Finding this stranger near his wife’s bath, Shiva promptly beheaded him. When Shiva discovered that he had in fact beheaded his own son, he promised Parvati to restore his head with the first head […]

2015 — February

Tropical Rain Forests Jackie is a kind of a superstar in Gunung Leuser National Park – the largest wilderness area in South-East Asia and the UNESCO World Heritage site. She is Sumatran Orangutan, the one of critically endangered large gentle extant great apes, being one of humankind’s closest relatives sharing nearly 97% of the same DNA. Their name derives from two Malay words “orang” a “person” and “hutan” a “forest”, what literally means “the person of the forest”. Native to […]

2015 — January

Glorious Cuisine Eating is one of the common human necessities that surpasses all international borders, all cultural divides and all ethnic battles. Methods of cooking, ingredients, what tastes good, rituals and etiquette, are however not common at all. And eating in Asia is a world class experience. For a Westerner used to tablecloths and HACCAP standards it is also a great way to explore Asian destinations and cultures. Asian cuisines are tempting with smells and tastes of ginger, garlic, sesame […]

Happy New Year 2015 !

With compliments and best wishes to all who supported us during our Asian experience. And with special tribute to all those of you great and amazing people we met on our way. All the Best! Thank you.   This calendar was issued with kind support from